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Faewild    ( Reply )

by all rights, this shouldn't be working


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  myIDID    ( Reply )

Seems Legit
Her eyes are presumably just orbs of altered slime material, so she can just squint them into ellipsoids and they'll adjust focus as needed. Science!? Eh it's good enough.


  Ira (Guest)    ( Reply )

Probably fine...?
While knowing nothing of the science behind it...back when my eyes were a little better, I used to be able to focus to see specific holes and their positions left by a 4.5mm pellet in a 10m air rifle target after shooting it. With her composition she could very well have an easier time focusing than humans.


slaybay    ( Reply )

She is made from slime........Couldn't she just mold out of there


  Ergoemos (Guest)    ( Reply )

Pinch to Zoom
Enhance! Enhance! Clean up the photo. Yes, can't you see! that picture I took with my cellphone clearly shows that the spider silk is laced with botulism poison!

It was attempted murder! Good thing slimes are immune to poison, or else she'd really be stuck up a tree with no ladder.



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