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Faewild    ( Reply )

yep, shenanigans

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hey folks! did you know you can see pages here ahead of time if you [pledge at least a dollar to my Patreon?] It's true! There's also neat stuff like speedraw videos of Magience pages, art of other projects (including Slime Star), and a Patron-only Discord channel hosted by yours truly.

Overall pledge goals include more frequent Magience updates and convention visits. I'm also open to requests and suggestions for reward incentives regarding Slime Star! Got wallpaper ideas? Sketch requests? Pledge a dollar and drop me a line!

Please do consider supporting on Patreon! Thanks very much!
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  Firebird (Guest)    ( Reply )

The first panel is so cute.


  iloveslimes (Guest)    ( Reply )

Transformation! OuO


  Guest (Guest)    ( Reply )

@Firebird: I found the second and third cuter. The combination of the cute little slime being held, presumably with non-functional wings flooping about uselessly and the overwhelmed scientist going from joyous to curious.

And then the ultimate panel is a stern reminder that scientific curiosity and child-care do not always collaborate perfectly. Though it appears that stretching your charge out flat is okay if it is a slime.


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