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Faewild    ( Reply )

But ya so, thanks everyone for enjoying it but its mostly for practice (and a little fun), so idk if/when I will ever update. And I wanted ya'll to know that. Sorry if I got your hopes up when you saw it updated!

But also, doing this releases some of the pressure off my mind, so future pages/chapters may still be posted if I just get a little more silly with things (and stop worrying about page quality for a comic I ALREADY KNOW WAS FOR PRACTICE AND FUN but then people like it and I start to get anxious cuz i want to be good for you guys and that ends up being counterintuitive im sorry)

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Overall pledge goals include more frequent Magience updates and convention visits. I'm also open to requests and suggestions for reward incentives regarding Slime Star! Got wallpaper ideas? Sketch requests? Pledge a dollar and drop me a line!

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  Browser    ( Reply )

Thanks for the post (though I recall seeing this info somewhere).
You're awesome.
RSS feeds take very little effort for readers, so I'll stick around.
I'll see your cool self over at Magience.

~ that person who sometimes comments


  steelCOYOTE    ( Reply )

Thanks for the update.


Rbade    ( Reply )

damnation! this was (hell, *is*) one of my favorite webcomics, so this is a mite disappointing, but i don't blame ya

what i *do* know, is that i danged well will stick around until the bleedin end of time

(it cant take any longer than waiting for TMoHS Season 3, at least~)


  emmavoid (Guest)    ( Reply )

That's too bad! But taking care of yourself is top priority, so don't feel bad about it <3 if this ever shows back up again I'll be really happy, but I totally understand needing to drop a project you can't handle.


  Guest    ( Reply )

@Faewild: Do you think maybe you could post the half chapter of pages you have done already?


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